Patience …. on a shoestring

We gave ourselves a year to live in our home before doing any major works …. to see how the seasons affect the space, summer brightness, winter darkness, how we use the house, both as a family and individually and generally just to put our own design on a 1950’s property (not our dream home, but a dream home in the making).

A year and a half has since passed and we’ve done little but buy second-hand furniture (dream furniture and pre-schoolers don’t mix well) and talk endlessly about the day when we can afford to start knocking the walls down and really start redecorating. I wish that day would hurry up.

In the meantime, I’m teaching myself patience. And am reminding myself that we are extremely fortunate to have a roof over our heads, have our health, food in our bellies and a rich life. But I still want that day to come!

As a short-term fix, I have gone from room to room writing a list of small, affordable changes that could give big impact. For example, our bedroom is currently a horrible peachy white colour (I mean, come on). So I’m leaning towards a medium-grey chalky wall paint to give the room a bit of texture and a come-to-bed feel, which I think will sit nicely with our crisp white linen upholstered headboard (pre-kids purchase). Throw down an interesting rug, introduce a few colourful pieces (have you seen my bargain 15 Euro vintage blue lamp base?), hang some cool framed pictures of photos and before you know it, the room will feel revived.  And you will not have broken the bank.

So in a nutshell, I think you just need to dive right in and see where it will take you. Don’t over-think or over-plan, just do it.

And try to remind yourself that your home doesn’t need to stay the same way forever. Walls are allowed to change colour, lampshades can be changed to suit the mood or season (same goes for pillows and throws), rugs can be replaced with the old ones rolled up and stored for another season …. our homes are work in progress and a safe place to express who we are.



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