Getting started

We've wanted an allotment since we arrived in the village over two years ago. Recently our lovely neighbour found us a spot ... an amazing one at that, right on the river. The location took our breath away .... and so did the weeds. But we've been working relentlessly to get the garden back to its shining glory. Progress is being made and we picked our first pea the other day.

Now that all the beds have been dug and the seeds have been sown, I've turned my attention to building a Garden Kitchen ... a place to enjoy with friends, cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients, relax in the sunshine, splash around in the river and just enjoy a simple life.

So many weeds

Weed-free, at last

The beds have arrived


Our first pea


Dreaming about the inspiration I've collected to start creating our own garden kitchen ... check out our board on Pinterest






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