About Us

finch & crane. is the result of searching for a better way to live.

Founded by Leisel Crane, who has a background in launching global brands and an obsession for functional design (particularly kitchenware) and a determination to live a more unconventional life.

Together, she and her husband, Simon, a professional photographer, run finch & crane. from their home in a small wine village in the French countryside.

We don’t need a lot of ‘stuff’ in our lives, in fact it can actually weigh us down. Back in the day, things were made to last and throwaway didn't exist. Products served a purpose, but were still beautifully crafted. It was about buying consciously, buying with quality and purpose in mind. This is the thinking behind our brand.

When we first launched we made a lot of mistakes, but we have slowly arrived at a point where we are working with quality suppliers across the globe and are even designing and manufacturing our own products.

We are not interested in being trendy, instead our products are selected for their simple design, the way quality linen softens with age and how a simple handmade piece of ceramic can add such beauty to your home.

Our products are designed to be used daily, but equally to give you great pleasure …. and to pass onto the next generation.

So thank you for reading our story. We hope to add to yours.