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About Us

Exclusively owned by Leisel Crane, a seasoned homemaker having lived on multiple continents, the company is a life-long dream-turned-reality.

Two and half years ago the South African swapped her London career, creating and launching brands, to spend more time in a tiny wine village in the South of France. Between this and marrying her photographer husband, she decided it was time to create and launch a brand of her own.

Available exclusively online, our products are sourced from all over the world, focus on humble materials and classic designs that never seem to go out of favour, offering a homespun feel - simple, relaxed and unpretentious.

At finch & crane. we believe that our homes aren’t just about how they look, but also how they make us feel. Often the most inspiring homes are those that express the owner's personality, tells their story, is effortlessly put together, relaxed, inviting and never tries too hard.

So we encourage you to try something new, mix it up a little, find your style and remember that our homes are unique to us and are also a reflection of us ... and that it's easy to paint over a bad colour!


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