About Us

finch & crane. is a modern-day homewares brand with a strong sense of tradition.

So what exactly does that mean? Well, back in the day, things were made to last and throwaway didn't seem to exist. Products always seemed to serve a real purpose, whilst being beautifully crafted at the same time. It was about buying consciously, buying with quality and purpose in mind. Well, this is the thinking behind our brand.

Natural materials. Good quality. Designed with purpose and style.

A product will catch our eye if it looks well made, has a natural quality and is timeless. We are not interested in being trendy. When we first launched the brand we made a lot of mistakes, but we have slowly arrived at a point where we are working with quality suppliers across the globe and are even designing and manufacturing our own products.

The love for homewares started as a young girl growing up in Cape Town, South Africa. I was constantly decorating my bedroom, finding a purpose for random items for my dollhouse (think razer case as a bookshelf!) and being asked by my friends to style their bedrooms.

It took living on multiple continents, working across various disciplines and taking a risk to finally ending up here, in our tiny wine village in the South of France, where we run finch & crane.

So thank you for reading our story. We hope to add to yours.