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Garlic keeper

Garlic keeper

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Handmade in England from unglazed earthenware, this stylish pot is an ideal storage solution for your garlic. The air holes around the base of the pot are done by hand, helping to keep your garlic fresher for longer. Comes with a cork lid and stores around 3 small heads of garlic (or more if broken up).

The pot measures approximately 8cm high, 10cm wide and has a 7cm opening.

Forms part of the Turning Lines range which also includes a salt cellar (two different sizes), pouring bowl ... and a utensil holder soon to become available.

Please note:
This item is handmade from a natural material, so each item will be slightly different.
Best to hand wash in soapy water and, from time to time, rub with a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water to remove grime build up. Fine sandpaper can be used to remove light markings.
Dishwashing not recommended.
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